Classic New England Boats

Hinckley Yachts builds boats that combine good looks and superior performance.

Photo Courtesy of Hinckley Yachts


The Hinckley Company began building wooden lobster boats in Maine in 1928. But by 1960, Henry Hinckley was building sailboats with a relatively new material—fiberglass—that established the company as a premier American yacht builder. Their reputation for quality and innovation only intensified when Hinckley shifted course again in the early 1990s and started building powerboats.

Hinckley’s “Picnic Boat” was revolutionary in that it combined the good looks and performance of a classic Maine lobster boat with modern waterjet propulsion technology. The rest, as they say, is history.

These classic New England cruisers are fast, seaworthy, and can safely operate in shallow areas. So it comes as no surprise that on most summer days, the waters off Nantucket are often teaming with Hinckley’s like the Talaria 44 pictured here.



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