Futuristic Beach House Design

Treger, Rech and Carstens found themselves exploring the futuristic art and architecture of the 1960s, such as Oscar Niemeyer’s 1968 design for Villa Mondadori in Cap-Ferrat, France, Eero Saarinen’s early ’60s TWA Flight Centre at JFK Airport and John Lautner’s futuristic California homes, with more than a nod to the more recent organic architecture of the late Zaha Hadid. “It was a bit of a love letter to the architects of that era,” says Rech.

Rech and Carstens are renowned as architects of some of the most luxurious lodges and island resorts in Africa and around the world.

They have refined their approach to architecture as a mediator between man and nature, and have pushed the envelope of the art of architecture as experience, as an adventure in itself, and integral to the experience of nature. And they brought this philosophy to bear in their design for K Cottage.

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