Fisher Files: Art and Soul

Design experts Jeffrey and Deborah Fisher uncover five spectacular art-centric finds for your ocean home


1 | Into The Abyss

Designed as a 3-D representation of a geological coastal map, the stunning Abyss Coffee Table by Duffy London is as much a conversation piece as it is functional. Made of wood, Lucite and colored glass, the table is available in round, rectangle or as a console, but only in limited editions.


2 | The Cap Fits

Deb and I love artwork that makes us smile, and Molly B. Right’s eye-catching bottle cap art does that in spades. Molly first paints her subject in detail on a large board before meticulously layering on flattened, recycled bottle caps in a color palette mimicking her original painting. Commissions can range from Audrey Hepburn and Julia Child to your own

children. Let the smiles begin. 


3 | The Light Fantastic

A skilled artist can transform simple materials into the most impressive objects. Patrick Weder’s organic-shaped Honeycomb Light series, made from thousands of strips of recycled paper laid over sculpted chicken wire, demonstrates this perfectly, and is available in various sizes to fit any room.


4 | Out Of This World

Though it looks like something Mork (of Mork & Mindy) might have used to land on planet Earth, the UFO is actually a lounge chair constructed of a carbon fiber frame and upholstered in leather. It rocks, spins, pivots and swivels from side to side, entirely reinventing the concept of lounging.


5 | Bold As Brass

Designer Gabriel Dean Anderson and wife Brooke work with talented artisans in Utah to breathe life into their bold, innovative and award-winning designs. Our favorite is their Prince Console Table, comprising five asymmetrical brass legs arranged perfectly to balance the Bolivian rosewood top.


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