Fresh Perspective Design

Photo by Studio KW


Situated in the exquisite oceanfront community of Acquavista in North Hutchinson Island, Florida, every room in this home is positioned to take advantage of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean vistas. Designed by Masterpiece Design Group to have a fresh, “exotic modern” feel, the kitchen’s galley-style arrangement creates an ocean-oriented, family-friendly gathering spot. 


1 | Viaggi Square Dining Table 

Star International 


2 | Savine Dining Chair 

Nuevo Living 


3 | North Wind 40 x 50 Painting

Artists Guild of America 


4 | Larmes Multi-Light Pendant Chandelier 



5 | Blown Glass Pendants 



Photo by Beverly Brossius


“Although the setting is directly
on the ocean, our lead designer Chris Popovich was subtle with the ‘expected’ nautical references, and instead created a coastal-style kitchen with a fresh, contemporary perspective.” 

–Christy Scanlon, President & CEO, Masterpiece Design Group


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