The Ultimate "Picnic Boat"

Hinckley unveiled its new "all-electric" 28-foot, 6-inch long power yacht at the Newport International Boat Show.


As anyone who gets out on the water in the United States knows, Hinckley has built beautiful, timeless, and innovative yachts since the company was founded in Maine in 1928. But, with the unveiling of their sexy new "all-electric" 28-foot, 6-inch long power yacht at the Newport International Boat Show, they might have outdone themselves.

The new design aptly called Dasher, borrows her name from the game-changing, original Hinckley Picnic Boat hull #1, that created a whole new genre of yachts in the 1990's--and are still incredibly popular today. It's sports a carbon-epoxy composite hull shape designed by Michael Peters to provide superior performance and handling. And it sports amazingly realistic hand-painted "teak" brightwork that never needs to be oiled and saves power-sapping weight.

Titanium hardware and console details were both 3D printed to achieve shapes and a level of precision unavailable in typical construction methods. The yacht's twin 80hp electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries provide Tesla-like electric performance. And according to Hinckley CEO Peter O'Connell, “The Hinckley Whisper Drive silent propulsion system combines the latest hydrodynamics, electric power and digital control systems to achieve the performance handling and maneuverability that discerning clients will expect” said O’Connell.

According to the company, Dasher offers quiet propulsion, zero emissions and zero time lost at the fueling dock that no other powerboat can. And since it can be charged with dual 50 amp charging cables that standard on most docks, it can charge twice as fast as the most popular plug-in electric cars.  Her cruising speed is 10mph with fast cruising at 18-27 mph.  Range is 40 miles at cruising speed and 20-25 miles at fast cruising speeds and can be fully chared in under 4 hours with dual 50amp charging. Learn more.


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