Auroralight Announces New LPL2 Scepter Path Lights

Series Features Thermally Integrated™ Field Serviceable LED Module that utilizes Copper Core Technology™

Auroralight, manufacturer of the world’s finest solid copper and brass landscape lighting solutions, introduced the LPL2 Scepter path lights nationwide on May 1, 2017. The ultra-compact size of the LPL2 allows for it to be installed discretely into planters and is ideal for illuminating pathways and intimate garden areas. It is optimal for use anywhere a less obvious light source is desired. With a modern, yet timeless design, precision manufacturing and the highest quality materials, the LPL2 luminaire is the perfect choice for any landscaping project.

Every LPL2 path light includes a Thermally Integrated™ Field Serviceable LED Module. Utilizing Copper Core Technology™, the LPL2 module is specifically engineered to transfer heat away from the LED driver/circuit and dissipate throughout the luminaire, ensuring optimal performance, color consistency, and long life.

“Great design blends styling and flair with durability and high performance standards,” says President Mike Joye. “We designed the Scepter to have a sleek and modern look that will fit in with any architecture and landscaping. This is also our first series of path lighting to feature a new precision machined acrylic lens. This not only softens the light output for visual comfort (less glare), but adds slightly more durability than glass,” he adds. “Utilizing our Copper Core Technology, we’ve provided the performance of an integrated LED in a field serviceable solution that also addresses any heat concerns.”



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