Lujo Lounger

Lujo’s sun lounger may be the ultimate outdoor accessory. Whether poolside or on the patio, its sleek and stylish curves bring a lots of style to any outdoor space. The clever design allows for multiple lounging positions via a stopper that locks it into different positions. You can even remove the stopper to turn it into a rocker. Hand crafted in New Zealand using beautiful kwila hardwood, the lounger also includes a quick-dry outdoor foam pad covered in Sunbrella fabric that’s highly resistant to fade and mildew. 


ShadeCraft Robotic Umbrella

The new Sunflower shade from ShadeCraft is way more than just another patio umbrella. In fact, it’s designed to automatically adjust as the sun moves with a solar-powered motor. Its sensors measure humidity, wind speed, and air quality while its internal GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity allow users to not only monitor its sensors but also access its camera with ShadeCraft’s app. Of course, it has speakers for streaming music and fully controllable LED lighting too. 


Ceiltrim 3-D Resin Pool Bottoms

Have you ever wondered why you hardly ever see a painted design at the bottom of a pool (except for a gloriously expensive mosaic)? Well, as you might expect, the chemicals in pool water aren’t just hard on your eyes; they don’t agree with most paints either (at least long term). This is where the folks at Ceiltrim seem to be really on to something. Their proprietary 3-D resin pool bottoms can turn any pool into a work of art more quickly and affordably than ever before. In fact, they say they can put any photo, image, or logo on the bottom or side of a hard-surface pool. 


Image Credits: Photos courtesy of the manufacturers .