Join Ron and Alexandra Seigel, managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, for this special free online course on selecting and dominating the right market niche for your real estate business. Each video segment is just two-to-four minutes and can be conveniently viewed at your pace on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In this course, hosted by Ocean Home magazine, you will learn:

• How to pick the right niche for YOU

• How to harness the power of focus through niche marketing

• How to out-think your competition and achieve top-of-mind status in your niche

• How to strike the right balance between high tech and high touch in your niche

• How Ron and Alexandra have put this into practice to dominate their niche, helping luxury real estate marketing professionals to gain or sustain market leadership

The Seigels, have a vast background in consulting real estate professionals and entrepreneurs on how to dominate a niche. Their particular specialty is the luxury homes market, but the lessons learned here can be applied to any niche that you hope to dominate.

We hope you enjoy the course and we expect you’ll walk away eager to dominate your own real estate niche!