Aqualens Fountain by Allison Armour

Photo by Jim Bartsch

It’s a brave artist who dares to steal the spotlight from an ocean, but Allison Armour both dares and succeeds. Her ethereal – almost magical – Aqualens is one of several fountains, water features and sculptures in her unique collection gracing many coastal gardens across America and around the world. A graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design and London’s Architectural Association, the Paris-born artist struck on the idea in 1999. “I was happily doing up my own house and couldn’t find a water feature I liked for the garden,” she says. “So I decided to make one myself.” Her fountains, sculptures, obelisks and pergolas proved instant hits, winning awards and orders from homeowners and corporations alike. A water-filled acrylic sphere flowing gently onto a stainless steel platform, Aqualens is available in custom sizes, comes fully assembled and its pool can be dug into a lawn or set on a terrace or other level surface. The ocean doesn’t stand a chance.

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