How do you turn your blank canvas into a coastal masterpiece? Modern ocean home interior design draws inspiration from far and wide, leaning on the past, borrowing from the now and embracing style from across the Pacific. To help you find the style that speaks to you, the team at Pindan has put together six of the hottest interior design styles making waves in coastal homes. 


Modern yet traditional, on trend yet timeless—it’s hard to pin down exactly what characterizes this constantly evolving style. With no clearly defined traits to pin it down, contemporary style exists only as a palette to mix prevalent trends and tastes, from minimalism to art deco to futuristic. 

We know for sure that this restrained style feels oh so sophisticated in coastal homes. Distinctive street appeal makes a bold first impression with clean angular lines and blended materials. Inside, the modernist aesthetic is balanced and rounded with neutral colour palettes acting as a muted backdrop. Layers of color burst via leather sofas and carefully selected artwork. 


Hamptons style emerged many moons ago, giving rise to a collision of elegance and calming boatshed charm. Its signature architecture is traditional and timeless—think French doors, lovely weatherboards, gabled roofs, and cavernous open spaces. To achieve this breezy coastal ambience, start by optimizing cross-ventilation with timber shutters. Paint internal walls and trims in a fresh, airy palette of whites and blues, then layer linen sofas with tasteful nautical décor and naturally textured throw rugs and cushions. 

Australian Coastal 

Australia has broken away into a unique aesthetic all its own. Evolved over the decades from the humble beach bungalow, these contemporary coastal-inspired interiors flaunt a relaxed, down-to-earth allure that’s right at home amongst the soothing whitewash and fresh salt air. 

Outside, render is broken up with traditional painted weatherboards, locally sourced stone and natural hardwood. Stepping inside, colour palettes are relaxed and soft, bringing together whites, pale soft greys and subtle black accents. Furnishing an Australian coastal home involves thoughtful selections sourced from varied origins, from gently oiled coffee tables and stools to cotton sofas, wool carpets and jute rugs. 

Tropical Island Coastal 

If you find yourself dreaming about sojourns to Hawaii, Vanuatu, or Fiji, you’re sure to fall head over heels for this emerging style. Inspired by the endless sugar sand beaches and tropical jungles of the Pacific, tropical island coastal is bright, romantic, and flamboyant. 

Colour palettes are lush, vibrant, and majestic. Think greens and turquoises teamed with pinks, purples, and oranges. Get playful with exotic palm prints and patterns, then furnish your spaces with an abundance of natural materials, from wicker to bamboo, mahogany, rattan, and royal teak furniture. 

Shabby Chic 

With its distinctively romantic vibe, soft, feminine touches, and celebration of time worn vintage, shabby chic is weaving its way into coastal homes. It helps to think of this style as ‘traditional British, reimagined.’ When designing your interiors, look to strike a fine balance between weathered cottage and delicate indulgence. Light and airy spaces explore subtle pastel colour palettes, furnished with distressed look tables, chairs, and cabinetry and classically inspired sofas upholstered in French linens and soft cottons. 

Asian Zen 

Balance. Harmony. Efficiency. Asian Zen channels traditional Japanese philosophy to imagine a strikingly calm style that’s right at home in coastal homes. Your modus operandi is to introduce silence and stillness into your home at every opportunity. This can be achieved through carefully matching design elements that exist in close harmony with nature. Weave in soft colour tones, organic wood and natural fibres, and pay special attention to furniture that brings soothing lines and form to your spaces. 

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