Contemporary design is all about minimal and modern ideas. With a style like this, you break the boundaries of what you can do in your home. You have the freedom to choose a wide range of options for most areas, with the lounge coming out on top of them all. In a room like this, you can create a minimalist paradise that can be used by the whole family.


While being incredibly free, this sort of style does have a few standards which have to be adhered to. Most contemporary design uses straight, clean lines to make a room look very fresh. Along with this, the materials and shapes used tend to be quite blocky, making them look thick and substantial. Curves are used to a minimal degree, only to create a contrast and to break up all of the straight lines.


Color is a large part of any style, and, modern contemporary design is no exception. This sort of look lends itself well to a range of color options, with the most popular being neutral colors like gray, white, and cream. Along with this, subtle accent colors can be used to make the room look a little more lively. This can be achieved using options like cushions, fabrics, and plants. Always remember to consider the size and shape of a room when choosing colors. Otherwise, your room could look too big or too small.


Once you have an idea of the shapes and colors your lounge will be using, you can start to look at your furniture options. Good contemporary designers will always create a good balance of furniture and space in their rooms. Of course, this might be hard on your first attempt, though. To solve this issue, you can visit furniture stores by Modani and other premium manufacturers to give yourself an idea of how they visualize their products being used.


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Finally, take a look at a couple of the little touches you could add to your lounge to make it unique:

  • Furniture which looks like it’s floating from most angles is very popular, at the moment.
  • Having hidden storage is a great way to make a room feel more minimal without compromising the space you have to keep items tidy.
  • Use of nice fabrics and rugs can be a great benefit to a room like this, making it feel warmer without cluttering it.
  • Gas or real fire could also be a great addition to your lounge, adding a touch of homeliness to your otherwise modern living room.
  • Lighting will make all the difference in a room using contemporary styling, so make sure you do plenty of research before choosing them.

Hopefully, this post will give you this inspiration you need to start working on your own minimal and modern lounge. This sort of style is timeless, offering you a look which will remain popular long into the future.


Image Credits: Photo credit: Robert Daly.