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When it comes to interior designing your coastal home, how do you personalize your space without distracting from the beautiful view outside? After all, the house and its views are like works of art themselves. It turns out that the right wallpaper can help you curate the perfect ambience in your coastal home, giving you pops of color in some places and calming down the atmosphere in others. 

But here’s the question with coastal homes — do you lean into those classic, beachy vibes with calming blues and seashells as decor? Or do you take a more original route, showcasing your own personal style, instead? Wallpaper can help you hit that sweet spot in between. And for more tips on how to choose the right design, we’ve tapped Eric Mortensen, who co-founded the wallpaper company Love vs. Design in 2021, for his best wallpaper advice.

Online wallpaper company Love vs. Design offers three types of peel-and-stick wallpapers that are affordable, beginner-friendly, and won’t chip off your paint when you decide to go in a different direction and remove them. They offer $6 samples of all designs, and that’s not even the best part — all their designs are fully customizable. Customers can select from over 200 colors for each of their hundreds of designs for a wallpaper look that fits perfectly in your unique coastal home.

So, how should you customize wallpaper for your coastal home? Read on to find out.

1. Consider colors that aren’t neutrals.

We tend to associate blues, creams, and other neutrals with coastal design. But some rules are made to be broken. “Opting for unexpected colors can make a statement and infuse a touch of modernity into the traditional coastal aesthetic,” says Mortensen, who notes that colors like “coral, deep teal, or even a sunny yellow” inject liveliness into a room, and work particularly well for energizing your coastal home. 

Whether you want your home to have a more relaxed or a more spirited vibe, think outside the box when it comes to color. Blue is fantastic, but so many colors complement it and enhance it, too. Think about the color schemes of your existing decor, and about the ambience you want to bring into your space — maybe a more energetic kitchen or a cozy living room.

2. Use dark and light shades to change a room’s ambience.

Speaking of ambience, darker or lighter shades, no matter the color, make a big difference in the overall vibe of your space. “Darker shades or striking patterns can introduce depth and warmth in rooms flooded with natural light,” explains Mortensen, which coastal living spaces often are. Natural light is fantastic, until you want to bring a slightly homier feeling into a living space with lots of light colors, big windows, and smooth surfaces.

Bringing in a darker wallpaper “helps to strike a balance between the light and breezy coastal vibe,” says Mortensen, “while also adding a touch of warmth and depth.” And similarly, in a small space like a bathroom or breezeway, a light colored wallpaper will help open up the space.

3. Consider fun, bold designs.

Don’t forget to infuse your space with a touch of you, rather than just emulating other coastal spaces. Wallpaper makes bringing in bolder, more personalized elements easy. “Our recommendation is to strike a balance between understated and bold coastal designs across the entire living space,” says Mortensen, which will give you a unified and carefully curated environment. He especially recommends bolder designs in less formal or less used areas.

Bolder designs can draw attention to architectural details, too, emphasizing your home’s best features. “Introducing walls or patterned wallpapers in contrasting colors can draw attention to features like built-in shelves, alcoves, or distinctive moldings adding layers and visual interest to the area,” says Mortensen.

4. Look for humidity-proof wallpapers.

Always a concern with beach properties, humidity affects some coastal homes more severely than others. Love vs. Design makes two moisture-resistant types of wallpaper — their “smooth” wallpaper is made of durable vinyl, and their “woven” model is a textured polyester fabric, both of which repel humidity and anything else that happens to splash on them.

If humidity isn’t a huge concern, Love vs. Design’s “glissade” wallpaper is a traditional wallpaper that’s still washable and installs and removes with only water (and it’s made of FSC-certified paper).

Love vs. Design offers a “Love It Guarantee,” too, allowing customers to return their wallpaper for a full refund for any reason. And if you’re having trouble deciding between the brand’s wallpaper textures or hundreds of different designs, they offer $6 samples, making it easy to test out different patterns and colors, so you can spend less time fussing about wallpaper and more time enjoying your coastal space.

For more information, visit lovevsdesign.com