When a guest steps into your home they are always blown away by the sheer decadence that exudes from your home. They compliment your vast swirling staircase in the entrance hall; they gaze open mouthed at the detailed frosted glass that shimmers from the high windows and they are delighted by the pristinely perfect pool in the backyard. Whenever a friend needs lighting design tips, home interior inspiration or landscaping advice you are always the person they turn to.

When your friends consider you a design guru you feel a certain pressure to stay well informed on the latest design trends; you always take it upon yourself to update your home frequently and align your home’s style with the current fashions. As soon as you finish one project it seems you are straight onto the next and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You get a buzz from flicking through chic fabric samples and you get a wave of excitement as you watch your decorators swish a fresh coat of duck egg coloured paint in your master bedroom. The sheer delight of taking on a new home design project will never get old and you’re ready to move onto the next already. Here are a handful of stunning ways to keep your home on trend, modern and sophisticated. You will be racing to invest in some of these beauties in an instant.


Luxurious Lighting

Tweaking and perfecting your indoor lighting has been a huge task for you over the years. You want your home to feel warm, welcoming and open, but still have an air of elegance which sets it apart from the rest. Now that the inside of your home is lit perfectly with chic chandeliers and down lit corridors, you need to focus on brightening your outdoor space. When the weather gets warmer, outdoor dinner parties and gatherings are inevitable, but you need to get your lighting just right. You should consider tidy and sophisticated in Ground Well Lights, which will guide the way for your guests as they find their seats outside. Your home will glow immaculately without being too brash and luminous. Your outdoor pool will also shimmer in the tenderly lit atmosphere.


Awe-Inspiring Art Deco

Art deco inspired interior design is the latest trend to hit homes this year; incorporating geometric and angular shapes that contrast theatrically to their surrounding environments are all the rage. For example, add a sleek black chair onto a demure white fur rug and you will be utilizing art deco inspiration at its finest. Opt for angular shapes oversized ornaments which really act as an oxymoron against a neutrally decorated room. Think about animal prints, tortoise shell styles and mother of pearl accessories and you will be hitting the art deco mark perfectly.


Pattern Perfection

What even is minimalist living nowadays? It’s certainly not the style at the moment anyway. Inspired by the well-known trend in the 80’s the wild, bold patterns are making a comeback. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different shapes and contrasting designs; bold on top of bold is a dream combination. Pair floral patterned wallpaper with a striped monochrome rug. The complete difference between the two will make the elegant and stylish statement you have always been looking for.


Closet Chic

Looking immaculate and having a busy, on the go lifestyle can be a difficult balancing act. You don’t have time to rifle through a disorganized and poky closet; you need space and plenty of it. An up and coming trend in the world of wardrobes is a ‘staging area’ whereby you can lay out your clothing and accessories the evening before. Incorporating that little bit of extra space in your closet will give you more room to put your morning look together flawlessly. It will also allow you to be prepared for your busy day ahead. Your staging area is where you can try out new looks and snap a picture to remember your outfit combination. So rearrange your clothing area today and make sure you have a hip and happening creation station.



Good Wood

If you haven’t already heard of the term ‘cerusing’ then it is something you should certainly explore; look into investing in wooden designs which incorporate this effect flawlessly. Cerusing involves inserting a white pigment to a wooden floor, furniture item or accessory to reveal the exclusive swirls of the natural wood underneath. The stunning texture is an up and coming approach to interior décor at the moment and can be used on an entire room or as an understated nod on a smaller piece. The elegant and au natural effect is something that will look sophisticated in every regal home.


Sleek Shades

Stand away from the plain greys, the washed out whites and calm creams; it seems that the hottestcolortrendsof the year so far are the bold and bright tones. The colors that are coming back into fashion are those which ooze royalty and richness, such as deep greens, amethyst purples, royal blues and mustard yellows. These jewel-inspired hues are the current color craze that you should be weaving into your home design updates. Add an oversized ochre cushion to your couch or lay a rich emerald green rug across your entrance all. Use these colors to depict the regal atmosphere that echoes throughout your home.



Furniture Fabulosity

Try to go for more complex and intricate furniture designs which utilize an array of different textures. The contrast between the materials really makes for an outstanding touch. For example, if you wanted to place a decorative mirror as a centerpiece in the middle of a room consider a sleek leather frame, with a matte chrome stand which will act as a complete contrast to the smooth and shiny silver reflective material on the main body of the mirror. Go as wild as you like by pairing together natural stone with brash metals or heavily textured materials with silky smooth satin. The bigger the contrast the bolder the impact on your entire home.


Wallpaper Wonders

When you think of wallpaper you might immediately flicker to visions of your elderly great grandparents living room, but that certainly isn’t the case with this year’s wallpaper wonders. You can really buy everything and anything when it comes to wallpaper designs nowadays from exclusive logos to bold patterns. Find a small area of your home and use an innovative wallpaper to turn it into a feature; use texture, color and patterns to really make the area pop. Allow no stone to go unturned when it comes to decorating your home with wild wallpaper, from delicate florals to defined stripes. Every space deserves to have your attention and be given its own unique twist.

From luxury lighting to wondrous wood, your home always deserves to be a cut above the rest. These are the latest trends that you will find in people’s houses at the moment, so you should update your dreamy dwelling to reflect these ideas. You should always take an element of the hottest trend and put your own unique twist on it; nobody wants a carbon copy home just like somebody else’s. Consider all of these design elements and incorporate them into different areas of your home. You have a lot of space to work with, which will always be to your advantage. Insert glimmers of modernization and touches of elegance throughout your awe inspiring abode and your guests will never fail to be impressed by your glamour.