Designer Nina Edward Anker took her inspiration for her Cape Chair from the sleek lines and organic ice and snow forms she experienced in the years she spent living in Norway.

Cape Chair consists of a double curved cape-like back, from which it takes its name, countered by a single leg front, where three legs come together to form one. The back is similarly shaped—three rungs come together as one at the top.

A retired Norwegian oil industry engineer, specializing in in the production of double curved industrial parts, meticulously fabricated the chair’s prototype. A master woodworker in California currently manufactures the chair, made of solid wood with a high gloss finish. 

Cape Chair belongs to nea’s Arctic Line, which also includes their Crystallized Chair and Crystallized Table, the defined 120-degree angles of which bend the changing daylight like crystal. Made of plywood painted glossy white, this furniture is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

The dimensions of the chair are 40 inches by 25 inches by 20 inches, or 102 centimeters by 63 centimeters by 52 centimeters. Cushions for the chair are available in a range of different fabrics.

Nea studio, established by Anker in 2006, is a New York based, award-winning design practice specializing in architecture, interiors, furniture, and product design, all with a focus on sustainability. While the studio designs and develops furniture, they also practice interior design and architecture at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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