Many homeowners are asking themselves whether they are doing all they can to minimize their impact on the environment. Fewer people, however, are looking to capitalize on the latest trends. Many designers see newfangled eco-homes as a restriction on their ability to design beautiful homes. But other see precisely the opposite happening. They feel more liberated than ever before to try new styles and designs befitting of the modern age.

The good news today is that more and more businesses are getting on board with the idea of sustainable design. There are hundreds of companies that take their commitment to a clean environment and planet very seriously indeed. In a word, these are conscientious businesses. So besides solar panels and storage batteries, what have these firms come up with?

Reclaimed Wood Counters

Back in 2015, reclaimed wood became one of the leading trends in the whole of home design. Designers were using it for everything, including as paneling for bedrooms and kitchen counters. Wood is an excellent way to give a home a timeless rustic feel. But it’s also great at creating a sense of coziness and warmth, especially during the winter.  Most modern designers pair reclaimed wood with modern materials to give a hybrid finish. The contrast of organic material with modern, sleek lines is powerful. Nearly two years later and it looks as if using reclaimed wood is a trend that is here to stay.

Eco Furniture

Eco First Art is an online community of designers and architects who love all things eco-friendly. The site is designed as a platform where artists can share their work and find eco-friendly products. On the site, you’ll find an enormous range of different types of eco furniture. There’s everything from tables made from sustainable forests to chairs made entirely of corks. All of the products on the site are the creation of artists in the US and the rest of North America.

Fireclay Tiles

Fireclay Tiles is a tiles company that sources its tiles locally. The company is based in California, and instead of importing material, everything is sourced within 200 miles of the factory. The idea here is to provide customers with a tiling option that is eco-friends and looks good as well. Many people won’t find Fireclay Tiles to be their taste. But pairing up these tiles with reclaimed wood can actually look quite good, especially in the kitchen.

Use Natural Paints

We’ve known for decades that manufactured paint is dangerous for your health. It gives off toxic fumes, and you can pass out if you start painting without the doors and windows open. There is, however, a healthy, more eco-friendly alternative. It’s called natural paint. It’s more environmentally safe than other products on the market. The paint itself gives off no emissions. It doesn’t even smell. And it’s friendly to people who suffer from asthma or allergies. It’s not a gimmick either. Last year, one of the companies behind the paint won Product of the Year.