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Almost every five-star hotel has one installed. They can be found in most new modern-day apartments and homes as a standard fixture. But in the past, many people have considered them nothing more than a luxury. The truth is that the benefits of a heated towel rack are hard to ignore.

They help banish bacteria

A recent report by Inside Edition showed that an alarming number of bacteria can lurk on used bath towels. Your towel can harbor up to 650 million bacteria after being used for one week, including some harmful types that cause infections and even pneumonia. To prevent bacterial build up, towels need to dry thoroughly after every use, which is something heated towel racks do exceptionally well. Specifically designed to dry towels, the heat from heated towel racks kills bacteria and slows down their growth by up to 90% between uses.

They lessen the laundry

Towels should ideally be washed after every 2 to 3 uses—except if you’re storing them on a heated towel rack. Using a heated rack to dry your towels after a shower or bath means that you will need to wash them less often—you can go up to two weeks between washes. This not only reduces your number of laundry loads, but it also saves water and is more energy efficient. 

They offer a beautiful storage solution

A heated towel rack dominates in both function and good looks. Its design is sleek and modern, made from high-grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror finish. They are also surprisingly space saving, taking up less horizontal space than a traditional non-heated rack, and can store and dry up to 6 bath towels at one time.   

They ensure total comfort

The primary function of any heated towel rack isn’t to warm your towels. Sure, it’s going to add a welcome touch of warmth, but its actual job is to DRY your towels, and from a germ-blitzing point of view, heated racks are all the rage. But putting hygiene and practicality aside, the delicious feeling of a fresh towel is most definitely the best bonus! It’s like jumping into clean laundry every morning. 

They are energy-savvy

If you like to bathe or shower in the morning and the evening, your towel might not dry properly by the next time you need it. You can always pop it in the tumble dryer, but then you’re looking at a huge electricity bill. Why lose all that money when you don’t have to? Bathroom Butler heated towel racks use between 40 and 160 Watts of power—equivalent to one or two standard light bulbs. And because they have a built-in switch, you can reduce running cost by another 75% when switching on and off or adjusting the heat level as needed.  

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