Beau Lake Boards

“Ever since I was a very young boy I’ve had an attraction to, and affinity for working with wood,” says Beau Lake Co-Founder and Design Director Lee Kline. He also spent his youth sailing on Lake Ontario and crafting everything from musical instruments to furniture before making a successful career out of fabricating “crazy façades” for foyers of large Vegas casinos and various hotels, restaurants in Manhattan, and retailers as far away as Hong Kong. But it wasn’t until he was inspired by a sunset cruise on a friend’s varnished Hacker Craft powerboat that he found himself designing what would become Beau Lake’s distinctive line of stand-up paddleboards and surfboards.

The Malibu pictured here is just one of Kline’s creations—they are all as beautiful to look at as they are to ride. The board is wrapped in rosewood on all sides; its sunburst finish was made famous by Gibson guitars. And if you really want to make a statement (and help a community gain access to safe water), some proceeds from Beau Lake’s Special Edition One Drop board help the One Drop Foundation ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for communities around the world.

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