To my eye, one of the many remarkable things about this impossibly crisp aerial photo shot in Bora Bora is its sense of motion. The S-shaped wake from the powerboat contrasts with the anchored sailboat beautifully. The wake is like a brush stroke from an artists’ palate over the deep blue line that’s formed between the two distinct, and utterly captivating underwater environments. Even when viewed on a computer screen, it draws the viewer in.

But, after talking to Andrei Duman, the passionate photographer who took this shot, I’m not surprised it has such presence. “Throughout all my work,” he says on the phone, the important thing is that everything about my images—color, blacks, whites, composition—are as accurate as I recall seeing at the time.”In the case of this photo, he’d been flying over the area in a plane. He was shooting with an incredibly powerful Phase One camera that’s capable of capturing incredible detail. As a result, this and many of his other shots end up being large, hyper-focused works of art.
And since he’s as obsessive about printing, framing, and displaying his work as he is about shooting it, a Duman photo could be the ultimate addition to any ocean home.