Historically, speeding over the waves has been a loud affair, but Hinckley’s Dasher, makes cruising a silent experience thanks to its revolutionary electric propulsion system.

Powered by twin 80 horsepower electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries, the Hinckley Dasher can cruise for 40 miles at 10 mph or 25 miles at 18 to 27 mph. The 28-foot open cruiser features a carbon epoxy composite hull with hand-painted, lightweight artisanal teak decking and 3D-printed titanium hardware and console details. The revolutionary yacht, which required three years of research and development, also features a shallow draft of less than two feet, allowing it to explore waters that other boats of this size cannot reach.

Still, the Dasher’s dominating trait is its electric propulsion system, and thanks to dual 50-amp charging cables, it can be fully charged in less than four hours. That’s twice as fast as the automotive industry’s most popular plug-in electric cars.

“Since 1928, Hinckley has pioneered beautiful, timeless, and highly innovative yachts,” says Pete Saladino, Hinckley’s chief marketing officer. “We consider Dasher to be a showcase of the design and construction prowess that will be infused into our entire lineup moving forward. We also believe the future of boating is electric and want to help lead the industry into a new era.”