As a recreational activity, the sport of golf was permanently altered in 1951 with the invention of the electric golf cart. Today, a number of specialized and limited-production golf carts exist as well as a variety of alternative golf vehicles like Segways and longboards. There’s no shortage of unique two-wheeled vehicles, either, and in that category, the Phat Golf HD Scooter—aka the Mak Golf—is leading the way.

Equipped with a 1200-watt electric motor charged by a 72-volt, 20-amp-hour lithium battery, The Mak Golf features an exclusive power management system that produces 70 ft-lb of torque, allowing it to climb hills with inclines as steep as 30 degrees. It can also cruise at a maximum speed of 20 mph and offers a charge strong enough to accommodate two 18-hole rounds of golf.

The steel-framed Mak Golf also features a regenerative braking system and, even though it weighs 170 lbs. (without a rider or golf bag), imparts only 3 psi on the turf under its two wheels. This means it’s less damaging to a golf course’s terrain than a traditional golf cart or even a walking golfer. That minimal impact means the Mak Golf can access areas of a course that a traditional vehicle can’t, and because it’s a single-rider vehicle, a golfer can play a hole (and an entire round) more efficiently.

Simply put, the Mak Golf speeds up the pace of play—another hot-button topic in the golfing world these days—and golfers look cool while doing it.