Guest blogger Roberto Aybar-Imbert, a Senior Designer, OBM International, knows interior gardens are all the rage these days. With so many options, from indoor living walls to musical bird’s nests, it’s hard keeping up. Making it especially difficult to point your interior designer in the right direction, the direction you want. But he does have some interior garden options and ideas, which will hopefully inspire you and help your interior garden flourish.–Ed.


Interior Japanese meditation garden

They say your body is your temple, but so is your home. A great addition to your interior garden collection is a Japanese meditation garden. With bonsais, bamboo, rounded rocks, and even pebbles or sand, complete with a mandala; if you wish to incorporate a more Zen feel. The sand represents water and the rocks represent islands, together representing a whole different world, which you can retreat to at leisure.


Divide and unite with green

Who needs walls when you can separate the different spaces of a home with interior gardens. For example, you can divide the kitchen from the dining room with a mini vertical farm or garden, connecting both by way of a bridge. You can also add a small stream underneath, using it for irrigation, complete with a water recycling system, making it both aesthetic and sustainable at the same time.

Farm-to-table & personal pharmacy

Better, more convenient, and healthier than shopping at Whole Foods, is to have your own personal production. Whether you need the best tomatoes or a refreshing lemonade, it’s even closer than your doorstep if you keep these in-house, besides being a great conversation piece. If you want to skip your yoga session but still relax, enjoy some aromatherapy with your personal lavender stash or sooth your skin with fresh aloe vera after a day at the beach or pool.


Living green walls

Besides being beautiful with timeless textures and colors and purifying the air, living green walls can be displayed in a wide array of ways. You can completely customize your arrangement for something one-of-a-kind. This pertains not only to the disposition of the wall but also to its composition, which can be homogeneous or as diverse as you wish. The most important aspect is that the plants be appropriate to your climate. The rest is really up to you. I’m a big fan of green walls next to the bathtub and through the corridors, which can further enhance relaxation after a long day.


Flowers that take care of you

Flowers are a great addition to any interior garden, bringing color and aroma, which can shape your mood. Be sure to ask you interior designer on the best options for the moods you wish to feel. Flowers have a multi-sensory appeal and they will take care of you during both the good times and the bad.

Image Credits: Credit OMB International.