MJM Yachts have been hitting the sweet spot in powerboat comfort, style, and performance since the company was founded in 2003. And they’ve been “Made in the USA” since then too.

In the beginning, company founder Bob Johnstone turned to Boston BoatWorks (in downtown Boston) to build his new line of Doug Zurn-designed powerboats. Johnstone wanted an offshore-capable Down East-style cruiser that was lighter, stronger, and faster than anything available. And Boston BoatWorks had a stellar reputation for building lighter, stronger, and faster America’s Cup and world champion sailboats at the time.

These days, MJMs are still built by Boston BoatWorks, and they continue to lure owners looking for a classic high-performance cruiser that’s fast and comfortable offshore in addition to being easy to handle. With the launch of the new 43z—capable of hitting speeds up to 50 mph thanks to triple outboards—reaching remote beaches is easy.