When it comes to superyachts, glittering galas, and just the right mix of celebrities, royalty, and deal makers who can afford to buy a 350-foot-long private yacht, there’s no better place to be than the Monaco Yacht Show. But, as I found out for myself last Fall, the Monaco Yacht Show has way more on offer than just the largest collection of super-yachts (for sale or charter). In fact, it’s unlike any other yacht show on Earth.

The Yachts

Of course, the Monaco Yacht Show’s main attraction will always be the yachts. And this year’s fleet included OCEANCO’s brand-new DAR that measures nearly 300-feet long, the 244-foot-long Elandess that’s reported to be owned by the founder of the world’s leading independent foreign exchange company Travelex, and Illusion Plus, a 288-footer that’s the largest yacht ever built in Asia. In fact, Monaco during the show is the only place where yachts under 200-feet are considered “small.”

The Cars

For the 3rd year in a row, the MYS “Car Deck” featured some of the rarest and most luxurious cars in the world. Show visitors flocked to see the wide array of ultra-lux sedans and one-of-a-kind sportscars on display. But everyone agreed, the blue Lamborghini and matching speedboat stole the show.

The Toys

Superyachts have always had “garages” to store the “toys”—everything from a couple of jet skis to a whole armada of speed boats, submarines and helicopters. But these days, the ultimate toy is in fact, large shadow boat designed specifically to carry all the toys without sacrificing any space on the mothership. And few companies build superyacht support craft quite like the Dutch superyacht experts at Amels and their parent company Damen Shipyards had on display.

The Parties

The show officially kicked off with the official MYS Gala featuring a guest list comprised of VIP’s, yachting industry decision makers and influential media. The next night, Prince Albert II’s Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean raised almost $30 million for ocean conservation efforts around the world.

The Glamour Of The Principality Itself

The ultra-luxurious Hotel Metropole is always one the spots that celebrities and other high-net-worth guests flock to so they can “see and be seen” during the show. But so is every other hotel from the Fairmont Monte Carlo that’s perched in front of one of the most famous hairpin turns in Formula 1 racing, to the iconic Hotel de Paris. In fact, I’d venture to say that Monaco is the “Capital of Luxury.”

For more information, visit monacoyachtshow.com