As one of the lucky few who’s had a chance to sail on some of the fastest hydrofoiling sailboats in the world, and interview hydrofoil pioneers such as Laird Hamilton and Jimmy Spithill, I couldn’t be more impressed with the electric-powered hydrofoiling Fliteboard. It’s designed and built in Australia, and it lets riders do exactly what the name says it should— “fly” above the water thanks to precision-designed hydrofoils and a hyper efficient electric motor. 

And it’s easily controlled with a custom designed waterproof “Flitecontroler” handheld remote. The remote features a high contrast display that shows GPS speed, remaining battery power and time, energy used per mile, and access to a range of different riding modes. The display is also highly visible even in bright sunlight and the Flite Controller is updatable via smartphone for future upgrades.

Fliteboards are also designed to be able to fly for up to 90 minutes per charge with Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system.

And there are different Fliteboards to suit different skill levels. The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO are built using high tech carbon fiber sandwich technology and come in a range of high gloss finishes including ballistic grade Carbon Innegra and Ash veneer. Meanwhile, the user friendly Fliteboard AIR inflates around a self-contained power shell for easy transport. This durable model is perfect for beginners, families, lessons, tours and resort operators.