Left to right, Untitled (Smoke), Tranpolin II, Untitled (Far More Red)

Long Island-based photographer Michele Dragonetti’s “Boat Hulls” series began in the marinas of Montauk where she was drawn to boats that were out of the water and in need of repair. Her artist’s eye was drawn to the interplay of textures and the contrast between the structural and painted patterns and colors of the hulls. But as you can see here, her work is more than simple photos of old boats in a boat yard.

“By focusing my compositions on the triangular patterns of the hulls in a square format, I am able to highlight the essential geometry of the images,” she says when describing her work. “Photos in the ongoing series transform often humble vessels into abstract portraits, revealing their individual identity and experience and celebrating their imperfect appeal.”

She has also expanded the series to include images of distinctive boat hulls she’s photographed in Portugal, Spain, England, Cuba, Argentina, Italy, Malta, Denmark, and Sweden.

For more information, visit micheledragonetti.com