Sealegs amphibious boats are perfectly suited to anyone who owns a home on or near the beach. You can drive them straight out of the water and up onto the beach!

In fact, all of the Sealegs rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) could be described as commercially available, 165-horsepower amphibious recreation vehicles that anyone who wants to take their yacht tender game to the next level can drive up the beach.And while amphibious boats are not new, Sealegs designs have powerful motorized wheels that can be deployed with a push of a button. In fact, every ocean home owner should consider an amphibious boat for two reasons.First, they’re equipped with powerful outboards and sturdy hulls that are both fast and maneuverable at sea with their wheels retracted. Second, you can park one in your garage or visit a remote beach without needing to put even a toe in the water. And let’s face it: they’re James Bond-cool too.

Image Credits: Sealegs.