Having a job that “forces” me to visit some of the most luxurious ocean front homes in the world has its perks. And I’d like to think I have a pretty good understanding of the architecture, interior design and outdoor “intangibles” that the very best ocean homes have. In fact, all of us here at Ocean Home take our mission to share useful, first-hand knowledge of some of the world’s most exclusive coastal residential communities and resorts pretty seriously. 

All docks are special. Private docks are even more special.

That’s why my recent visit to a close friend’s leafy compound on an undisclosed stretch of coastline in the Northeast earlier this summer has had such an impact on me. It did more than just reinforce my long-held belief that there is no greater luxury in life than owning a large, private, well-designed home on the coast. And spending quality time with those good people in their comfortable home (and in their pool, and on their beach, and on their boat, too) restored my body, soul and faith in humanity.

Is there anything better than your own private dock? Ummmm no.

But since they also had private dock—and I was transported back to my magically carefree summer days that were spent swimming, sunbathing, and watching the tide on the private dock of my youth—I came to a very serious realization. Having a home on the ocean is a “luxury” that plenty of people can enjoy. And some oceanfront homes and communities are, quite frankly, much more luxurious than others. But when it comes to the ultimate luxury, nothing compares to a home that has its own private (and protected) deep water dock.

A moss-lined path to a private dock is pretty close to perfection.

In fact, my friend’s six-acre estate on that undisclosed beach may just be the Ultimate Ocean Home. Its mature trees and foliage made its commanding views of the dock, quaint harbor and open ocean even more special. The large, comfortable and masterfully restored 100-year-old home rambles in all the right ways. The large pool area provides a chlorinated kid oasis within their expansive ocean oasis. Best of all, their private dock is accessed by a private, moss covered path through the woods that leads down the hill from the house.