Aulta Watch co-founder Marty Pomphrey is not just an experienced and highly accomplished watch executive. He’s also a passionate surfer who had a simple idea when he was surfing with his buddies (former pro surfer Pancho Sullivan and Island Daze surf apparel brand founder Abe Allouche) on the North Shore of Oahu.

“The initial idea for Aulta,” Pomphrey says, “came about very organically six years ago when Abe, Pancho, and I were together feeling completely recharged after a day of surfing. We typically spend a couple of weeks together at Pancho’s house in October and our conversation that day kept coming back to how lucky we feel to have surfing to balance out our busy lives. Each of us comes from a different background, but we were brought together by a shared love of the ocean. We had talked previously about building a company together but we wanted a brand and product concept that tied directly back to our lifestyles.

Aulta founders in their element.

“The concept that resonated deeply with each of us was the importance of finding time to do what you love. Work is very important, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your lifestyle. Uncompromised lifestyle quickly became the core message of the Aulta brand, even before we decided on the product direction.

Aulta watches are designers to go “from work to water.”

Aulta is best described as a surf-inspired brand of watches built for adventure,” Pomphrey continues. “We like to use the ‘from work to the water’ as a guideline for product development because our watches should be both stylish and functional for all scenarios, whether you are headed for a surf, a day on the water, or a business meeting.”

Their initial watch collections feature Japanese-made quartz movements and surgical grade stainless steel cases.

Aula ambassador gets up close and personal with this Tiger shark.

All Aulta watches are also rated to 100-meter water resistance and are available at very affordable prices. With the introduction of the Acuatico Automatic, their first style utilizing a mechanical movement, Aulta has expanded their brand appeal to include a new audience of watch collectors and dive enthusiasts.

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