Rounding out Christopher Grubb’s four new StyleDrain® designs for California Faucets, Camden’s strong grid pattern emulates the streets in the “Golden Triangle” of Beverly Hills. Home to world-famous luxury clothiers, unparalleled jewelers, inspirational art galleries, and many of Grubb’s clients, the locale is synonymous with global fashion.

Similarly, with its bold design of clean lines that fit a multitude of styles, Camden offers the “finishing touch” for those who want to bring a statement of timeless indulgence to their shower, both indoors and out. 

“Camden is a perfect complement to contemporary décor styles, yet the symmetrical grid is so versatile that it also works with mid-century or transitional projects,” explains Christopher Grubb, president and founder of Arch-Interiors Design Group, known for his signature architectural flair, which he brings to residential interior designs as well as commercial, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. 

“With his similar views of design and creativity, Christopher is a perfect fit for the California Faucets family. Furthermore, Camden—along with Roxbury, Strathmore, and Mulholland—is a natural extension of the StyleDrain family of products,” says Jeff Silverstein, California Faucets president and CEO. 

Like all California Faucets’ StyleDrain designs, Camden is constructed of solid brass, making it sturdy and unbendable underfoot. With no visible or protruding screws, Camden feels smooth and comfortable to stand on. Measuring 5 ¼ square inches, Camden, and all of Grubb’s StyleDrain designs, range from $239 for Polished Chrome to $382 in a premium finish such as Black Nickel. StyleDrain is suitable for both indoor and outside applications.

At California Faucets believes in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, their factory in Huntington Beach has manufactured handcrafted bath products available in 28 finishes that can be easily customized or purchased exactly as shown in our catalog. They provide the latest in bath and shower technology with innovations such as StyleDrain®, StyleTherm®, and ZeroDrain®. These innovations turn utilitarian products into beautiful design statements and are the heart of their ever-evolving line of bath faucets, shower fittings, luxury drains, accessories, and kitchen faucets. For more information about California Faucets call 800-822-8855 or visit