March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day meant to honor the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The world of design has been enormously impacted by the contributions of smart, creative, and innovative women. And to illustrate that influence, here are six women-led brands and collections that are bringing energy, color, and functionality into our homes with their bold and personal visions.

Ashley Stark Home

Les by Ashley Stark Kenner, the company offers a selection that juxtaposes classic style with modern colors and shapes for tableware, rugs, lighting, and more that is fresh and compelling in any home.

Folk and Flora by Carmen Nash for Troy Lighting

For her lighting line, designer Carmen Nash of decor brand Loft and Thought draws inspiration from folks stories and Black writers and artists like Zora Neale Hurston and Bill Traylor. The result is a high-personality collection of lamps featuring bold shapes, organic materials, and joyful details.

Mustard Made

Sisters Becca and Jess Stern launched their line of colorful, versatile lockers in 2018, and have found success with an audience that appreciates their nostalgic value, functional value, and playful appeal.

Eny Lee Parker for Mitzi

Designer and artist Eny Lee Parker grounds her work in traditional ideas of slow-paced, intentional craftsmanship (craftswomanship?). In her collaboration with lighting brand Mitzi, she has created lamps, sconces, and ceiling lights that combine soft, natural shapes and neutral palettes for striking pieces that can work in many homes.

SSS Design for Lulu and Georgia

Inspired by the patterns, textures, and patina of nature, Sarah Sherman Samuel has partnered with Lulu and Georgia on a line of outdoor furnishings that combine luscious curves, wood grains, and handwoven textiles to channel the lush and breezy Italian summer.

Élan Byrd for Lulu and Georgia

In her second collaboration with Lulu and Georgia, artist and textile designer Élan Byrd creates a collection of richly tactile and strikingly graphic rugs, wallpaper, pillows, and lighting that just beg to be touched.