Luxury watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin dives deeper with non-profit research organization, OCEARCH, a data and scientific driven organization that works collaboratively with researchers and educational institutions to better understand the movement and habits of great white sharks. Ulysse Nardin joined the OCEARCH team in Boston before their 38th research expedition, off the coast of Massachusetts, to create this video.

This research expedition will support 20 individual research projects, 33 scientists and 21 institutions. In addition to open-sourcing all data for public safety programs, the expedition will highlight efforts to include a comprehensive examination of white shark biology and physiology in order to develop a complete understanding of how they utilize the continent’s east coast.

It’ll also highlight health assessment of each animal that will be used to understand the overall population health of white sharks, and the OCEARCH-facilitated research by microbiologists will determine the best antibiotics to administer to a human victim after a white shark bite. All data will be open-sourced for public safety programs.

Ulysse Nardin US President, François-Xavier Hotier, OCEARCH Founder, Chris Fischer, and PhD student Lisa Crawford discuss shark research and conservation in the video below.

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