Here are 14 creative, boho-chic decorating ideas for a dreamy, romantic home. Create an exotic lantern-lit bedroom, add Gothic-chic candle sconces to your piano, decorate a chill living room where sitting on the floor is encouraged and more.


1. Sit on the floor. A living space feels different — more easygoing and often more fun — when sitting on the floor is encouraged. A long, low coffee table is ideal for setting your drink on while lounging on the floor, and extra cushions, poufs or sheepskin pillows are essential for lounging in comfort. Placing a few other objects on the floor, like large lanterns or a stack of art books, will make it feel more intentional. And if you have guests, don’t expect them to do it first — you as the host choosing to sit on the floor can make your guests more likely to follow suit; just don’t expect everyone to feel comfortable there!


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2. Mount candlesticks on the piano. What looks utterly romantic to modern eyes was once a common feature on upright pianos — sconce candleholders provided the pianist with light to read music by in a dim room. If you search for “piano candleholders” on eBay or another vintage shopping site, you should be able to find a wide range.

3. Use an old iron bedstead as a loveseat. A vintage twin bed can quickly be transformed into a comfy couch, perfect for snuggling and napping. There’s really not even any need to go out and purchase linens specifically made for a daybed — a simple white quilt or coverlet and a bunch of squashy pillows will do quite nicely.


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4. Collect treasures on the tabletop. Go beyond the typical books-and-trays combo and seek out unusual items to display on your coffee table. Use earthenware trays and pedestals to hold pretty stones and shells, a discarded bird’s nest and other natural curiosities. If you always burn candles, try a natural oil diffuser or incense for a change.

5. Create a mini collection of romantic photos. If they are in black and white, all the better. Put up old photos of your grandparents or parents when they were young and in love, pics of you and your sweetie, or even snapshots of friends holding their dogs — anything that will make you smile and feel good.


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6. Frame a few postcards from Paris. Or Rome or Barcelona — somewhere that inspires wanderlust in you, no matter whether you’ve ever been or not. To hunt down vintage postcards, try Etsy, eBay or a local antiques shop that carries a good selection of paper ephemera.

7. Write a message on the mirror. Copy out a love poem or lyrics from a favorite song in metallic marker on an old thrift store mirror to create your own unique bit of decor. It’s sure to spark conversation.


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8. Cluster colorful candles. Why stick with plain white tapers when hot pink, magenta, plum and teal are so much more fun? Get creative picking your own candle color scheme, and plunk all the candles down on a round tray or platter.

9. Toss a crochet coverlet on your bed. Looking for something a little different from the typical duvet cover? A cream-colored crochet coverlet looks especially elegant and inviting on a bed with crisp linens in shades of white — proof that crochet can be less granny and more chic.


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10. Hang an exotic lamp. What could be more romantic than amazing mood lighting? Lanterns like the ones shown here are typically made in Egypt and have hundreds of tiny pinholes punched into the metal that send intricate patterns of light across the room.

11. Tuck a tiny table into the boudoir. A petite café table and two chairs tucked beneath the bedroom window makes for a charming spot to sit at with your morning coffee. The pale lilac walls, now-classic Ikea Maskros pendant light and fluffy pillows add to the eclectic, romantic feel of this space.


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12. Set up a lovely workspace for two. Boost your mood while working side by side in a cheerful space designed for comfort. Drape your desk chairs with loose slipcovers, put a cushy rug underfoot, choose a pair of matching task lamps and hang an unexpected capiz chandelier. And if possible, position your desk with a view of the outdoors … or actually put it outdoors, as shown here.

13. Add a romantic touch to outdoor or indoor seating. It’s nice to have a seating area somewhere around the house that feels very casual and loungy. A place where you can curl up with a good book or catch up with an old friend. Casually gathered curtains, string lights, a birdcage adorned with hanging candles and a textile-draped love seat would work equally well indoors or out.

14. Create an outdoor oasis. While those of us living in regions with chilly winters can only dream of basking outdoors around Valentine’s Day, if you do live somewhere warm, take advantage and give your outdoor space a winter makeover. A few curvy lounge chairs plumped up with white cushions, a lantern-lit table and some delicately scented climbing roses would fill the bill nicely. Try to find the most secluded spot in your garden for the oasis — perhaps behind a fluffy bamboo tree and down a pea gravel path, or tucked against an ivy-covered garden wall.