If the travel bug has recently bitten you or you’re just in an adventurous state of mind, there are many ways to honor your wanderlust with the right décor. Maps, souvenirs and travel tickets will inspire the nomadic soul.



Image Credit: Image Via Knock Off Décor


A nine-paneled map of Paris outfitted in classic gold frames creates a beautiful gallery wall effect that adds charm and elegance to any seating area. A similar wall can also be created using maps within the same theme category, such as collected city or transportation maps.



Image Credit: Image Via Sheila Salvitti


An unlikely choice for a nursery, a map provides a rich centerpiece for a simple space. Dressing up a children’s room with a large map provides a fun and decorative twist on traditional baby furnishings. As a bonus, an oversized map will inspire little ones to dream big and travel far.



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A collection of globes makes a striking decorative accent on any bookshelf. Rather than a scattered collection, grouping globes is much more impactful. Whether they’re antique pieces or travel collectibles, globes showcase a passion for exploration and a love of discovery.



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Create a pretty parlor door or decorate a home office with added travel spirit by suspending a world map behind glass panels. Perfect for showcasing a vagabond vibe, this clever decorating idea is sure to be a conversation starter.



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Whether you’ve traveled abroad countless times or you just have a travel bucket list that just won’t quit, there are ways to demonstrate a love affair with globetrotting via home décor. Try piling vintage suitcases in a front entryway to create a table-type space that is both charming and practical.

Guest post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor.