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Makeover Your Mantel


1. Coastal chandelier. Smooth, light driftwood is a winner in decor because it works with every color scheme. This expensive-looking chandelier was actually made by the homeowner.


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Find a Floor Lamp in Any Style


2. Rustic floor lamp. For the less handy among us, it’s never a bad idea to leave lighting to the pros. This driftwood floor lamp, purchased from Trianon Design in Toronto, might be a good option.


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4. Dramatic in planters. Using driftwood vertically in planters can be as natural as using trees or plants, but it’s less conventional. These planters make a grand statement against such a simply decorated backdrop, and their slight variations in form give a healthy twist to the symmetry.


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6. Hardy heart. Its neutrality doesn’t mean that driftwood must always be cast in a supporting role. When layered in multiples, it can become the thread that ties everything else together. A material like driftwood — which can be found in many shapes, sizes, species and textures —lends itself easily to artful and varied combinations.


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A Favorite Material: Groovy Driftwood


8. Awesome for air plants. Not only can you mount driftwood as art, but you can plant greenery in it too. 


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10. Exterior excellence. You can use a driftwood stain to get a weathered look on a home’s exterior. Choosing a material whose aesthetic appeal lies in its aged appearance ensures that the structure can’t help but age gracefully. Furthermore, the building looks rooted in time and place, which can be a difficult feat for angular modernist homes.