Entering a home means meeting the owner for the second time – every detail, texture and color speaks about the inhabitant’s personal preferences, they way they like to receive guests and how much importance they give to comfort, style and organization. There are a lot of things that can be learned from visiting different homes and the best ones are those which leave you with at least an inspiring detail in mind.

Choosing to construct a bold focal point in your home can end up redefining the entire house, or at least the main social spaces. Custom built staircases present the opportunity of creating a spectacular overall feel, never failing to generate interest.

Showcasing a custom glass staircase in your home binds all decorative elements together while its deceptively floating appearance creates a picture-perfect space arrangement, allowing the surrounding display of furniture to shine through and colors to interact more vividly.

A combination of different building materials can assist the glass in transforming your interiors – pairing the glass up with metal or wood surprises the beauty of a bold statement without losing the powerful elements that bring comfort and warmth (wood) or are reminiscent of industrial design (metal). Pairing the glass up with carbon fiber leads to a futuristic display of materials, while a spiral staircase can add more character to this daring combination.

Carefully designed homes gravitate around a central focal point, so why not impress yourself and guests with the striking silhouette of an unconventional glass staircase, designed especially to accentuate the beauty of your home? Ocean homes benefit from the amazing possibility of opening up towards the sparkling water, making a glass staircase within a transparent staircase shaft a spectacular decorative element.

A multi-level home can be easily opened up to draw in natural light with the help of a glass staircase. Uniting two or more levels, a transparent set of stairs can make the home look more spacious and compose a light shaft drawing in light either from glass openings in the walls or skylights at the top.

Glass staircases delimited by transparent railings or subtle vertical strings acting as separators are the ultimate light-loving elements for a home. Constructing an elegant, glamorous interior design through their fine crafted details, these functional and decorative elements have led to improving technologies for creating glass used for structural purposes, while constructing a refined alternative to wood, metal or concrete staircases.

Modern technology ensures that glass staircases are as safe as they are beautiful. To add even more drama, LED lighting can transform your glass staircase into a glamorous, sculptural decorative element even at night, guiding your steps up and down with a subtle glow.

Addressing the need to have a brighter space and allowing views from one side to the other, glass staircases outshine usual focal points. Completely transparent or translucent, displaying a combination of glass and other materials and leading to next floors while displaying a very stylish architectural fashion, glass staircases can transform an average home into an elegant dream home, insisting on the striking composition of refined elements and paving the way towards creating a inspiring home.

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