Taking a bath is anything but routine when you do it in a tub handmade by Diamond Spas.

Based in Frederick, Colo., Diamond Spas custom designs and fabricates copper and stainless steel swimming pools, swim spas, hot tubs, cold plunge pools, water features and a luxury custom bath line.

Founded 18 years ago by owners Stephanie and Tom Bennett, the company is the only one in the world selling copper hot tubs and pools.   Every product is made by hand with welding, grinding and polishing techniques.

The Bennetts’ first product was a stainless steel bathtub, which they loaded onto a flatbed trailer and transported around the country hoping to interest showrooms in their unique product.

Today, the couple has their own showroom located within their fabrication facility, and each custom creation employs anywhere from five to eight artisans who put their “hands, sweat and tears” into each design.

Because of the durability of the stainless steel or copper used, the spas, pools, water features or custom baths – all made in America – will last a lifetime.

In addition to never fading, cracking or blistering, the metals are relatively light in weight, making them an attractive choice for ocean home rooftop installations. The neutral tones of the metals also blend in well with all coastal design aesthetics.

“We’re creating more than a spa, pool, water feature or custom bath,” says Marketing Manager Krista Payne. “We’re creating a work of art.” To learn more, visit www.diamondspas.com.