Upgrading any room of the home is exciting but perhaps none other quite matches the joy of redesigning the lounge. After all, this is the place for your whole family to congregate and share magical moments together. An inviting room can enhance those experiences tenfold. Different families will have contrasting ideas about what makes the perfect living room space. One of the key things to remember is that this is your home and the decisions should be made to suit your family. Nonetheless, there are a few items that no newly renovated lounge can afford to be without. Here are our top picks.


A Considered Color Scheme

The use of color is a huge factor of interior design. The shades used will instantly set a tone for each room and are a powerful tool in achieving the desired aesthetic. There are dozens of different options to consider but the key is to design your room around the chosen color. That could mean building around a pallet of grey and silver to create a chic look. Alternatively it might mean using warm colors like orange and yellow to add an extra sense of warmth. Decide on the color early, as it will dictate what furniture and other items you’ll buy.


Comfortable Seating

Your lounge is a great place to share great times with the family but it won’t be very enjoyable if you feel uncomfortable. Designer lounge furniture is an absolute essential for any home, especially if you are redesigning the room. It isn’t just one of the many centerpieces in the room; it is also one of the most important items in your entire house. As well as nice sofas and chairs, you could also invest in some luxury beanbags for when friends come over to stay. Some people like to buy extra seating but this can cramp the room. Our advice is to go for quality over quantity.


The TV

On-demand channels and subscription services may have changed the way we watch television. But it is still one of the great forms of home entertainment and is something the whole family can enjoy. Having a big HD screen to watch it on is definitely advised. You may not feel like you watch enough TV to warrant spending scandalous fees on one. If nothing else, it gives us something to direct the seating towards.


Family Mementos

This is your family’s lounge and it should celebrate the people in it. Adding personal touches to our homes has died out a little in the modern age of social media and computerized technology. Bring back a little personality to your lounge with reminders of the great memories you’ve shared. Customized canvas art is a great way to transform any living room. It will instantly stamp your family’s authority on the surroundings and will cheer you up whenever it is needed. Best of all it’s often cheaper than buying fancy artwork that has no real connection to your family.


It’s your lounge space. Be proud of it.