When you want to become a great at interior décor, how do you go about it? You read blogs like this, attend events like the upcoming dwell on design in Los Angeles, and flip through magazines. However, something may be missing. Many people jump right into décor without properly studying the styles of all the greats. Decorating is an art, and every artist needs inspiration! Here are a few incredible designers you should really be checking out.


Jean-Louis Deniot


Image from Wikimedia


A highly influential figure in the world of interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot has been creating unique atmospheres for decades now. Once you’ve seen some of his work, it’s with you forever. His style is eclectic and embolic, and jumps from style to style quite a lot. However, all of his interiors have one thing in common; they’re incredibly striking! Have a browse of his website, and you’ll be speechless. All of his work makes a room informal, yet bold, expansive and beautiful. Unlike many other designers, he never leans too heavily on the contemporary. When he applies minimalism, he always counters it with potent splashes of history. The unconventional furniture he loves so much may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, you have to give credit to such a huge concentration of skill.


Juan Pablo Molyneux


Image from Wikimedia


The Wall Street Journal dubbed this Chilean-born decorator the “Patron Saint of Lost Arts,” and when you see his work it won’t be hard to see why. A lot of people consider Juan Pablo Molyneux the last in a generation of unique and skilled artisans. In this age of minimal, monochrome interiors, seeing Molyneux’s more archaic style is a huge breath of fresh air. One of his own properties, an ancient chateau outside of Paris, is perhaps the biggest gem in his crown. Many of the walls are decked with embossed leather, and here and there he keeps furniture from the 18th century. Molyneux’s work may not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to learn how to use more classical motifs.


Kelly Hoppen


Image from Wikimedia


Kelly Hoppen is an English designer, and aside from being the head of her own company, is also a fairly accomplished author. While a lot of her portfolio is focused on residential projects, she has also worked on luxury yachts for several big names. She’s also designed restaurants, bars and offices scattered around the world. Her work never really breaks the mold. However, she’s considered one of the most influential contemporary designers out there. She fills homes with striking combinations of black and white, with conventional furniture countered by intriguing art. My favorite piece by her is currently in a luxury French ski chalet; an electric chandelier made of deer antlers, arranged in a natural, twisting pattern. If you’re going for a look that’s both potent and current, then be sure to check out some of Hoppen’s projects.


There you have just three of the finest designers in the world. If their work doesn’t inspire you, it should certainly interest you!

Image Credits: Kelly Hoppen Interiors.