Maintenance and upkeep of luxury properties is significantly different than what standard properties require. So, how can you keep your luxury property in top condition? There are a number of different things to consider. Your home consists of multiple components, and as such, each needs addressing separately.

Your first consideration should be to everything your home came with, to begin with. So, each of the major rooms, and the furnishings with them. If you have too many rooms to take care of yourself, consider hiring a cleaner. You could have someone come in every few days, or even daily if you think your property needs it. Use a reputable cleaning agency. This will give you reassurance that your belongings will be safe, well looked after and cleaned properly. If certain luxury items are not cleaned in the right way, they can become damaged and even decrease in value.

However, it is also very important to not to forget to look after the addition features you’ve added yourself. If you build a glass floor balcony onto your master bedroom, wonderful. But keep it clean and well-maintained is important too. The same goes for luxuries like swimming pools. These must be kept clean in order to be safe to use, well-functioning and of course, attractive!

While it is, of course, crucial to give a lot of thought to the inside of your property, you must also look after the garden. You could have the most beautiful home in the world, but you won’t make a good first impression if outside is unkempt. Hiring the same gardener to look after the outside of your property is wise. This is because they will start to become familiar with your priorities and your tastes. They will also get to know your soil, which can influence what they do and don’t decide to plant or nurture.


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It is not just you garden that should be considered when maintaining the exterior of your home. The walls, windows, and other exterior fixtures may also need maintenance and protection. For example, if you have coastal property, the sea air can cause damage over a number of years. The salt in the air can cause deterioration. Being aware of this is important, as it will mean that it doesn’t need to become a problem again in the future. Remember, it is always more cost efficient to deal with an issue before it occurs. Putting something off, or having it dealt with in a subpar manner isn’t worth it. It will only end up meaning more costs and more hassle further down the line. Apply this to everything in your luxury home.


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If you plan to stay in your home for quite a while yet, you will get to enjoy these improvements and benefits for yourself. However, if you ever come to sell, Real Estate agents will take these sorts of things into consideration. Luxury additions like pools and balconies can add value to your home, as does a well-kept property inside and out. The agent will, therefore, suggest a more generous list price. If you do want to move onto an even bigger and better property in the future, this will give you an even higher budget to play with! Plus, these little additions could be exactly what seals the deal for potential buyers.


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That being said, make your own comfort your priority. Part of the joy of a luxury home is the ability to enjoy it. So, find the budget you need for necessary maintenance and chores. It will be worth it when you don’t have to spend on repairs or damages further down the line. Remember, it’s always better to prevent a problem from occurring that trying to fix it afterward!

For all the tasks and staff we have mentioned above, you may have enough space in the property itself for the staff to live with you. If this is something you feel comfortable with yourself, you may want to give it some thought. Speak to loved ones and friends who do the same about how they make it work for them. You may be able to find somebody who can do multiple jobs. For example, you could hire somebody to clean during the day, and then look after your children in the evenings. Or, somebody who looks after both your cars and your garden. The more skills they have, the better.

You may also want to give some consideration to electronic items that can help with cleanliness. Consider investing in technological equipment that helps you clean your home when you’re not the home. Self-cleaning cleaning machines are a good example of this. Speak to friends, family or colleagues who live in similar properties. They might have some good tips for you.

Of course, another facet of keeping a luxury home in top condition is keeping it safe. A home with valuables in it is often more of a target than one with fewer valuables. There it is important that you wisely invest in ways to keep your property and these items safe. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to you. You can either use them all or just use one or two. Or, try just installing a couple, to begin with, and see how you feel. CCTV cameras with 24/7 monitoring are a good option, as long as they cover all parts of the home. Plus, any blind spots, of course! Not only will the monitoring catch anyone, but the camera’s should act as a deterrent in the first place. Even if they do get away with an item or cause damage, you will have solid proof of the culprit to show police. Reliable alarm systems should also be installed. However, if you feel that your luxury property is at real risk, how about hiring a security team. Having a few different staff members working in shifts will mean the property is always being monitored and looked after.