Do you know for a fact that your home is as safe and secure as possible? You might be right, however, there’s a chance your home isn’t as safe as you think it is. Here are the signs that will help you to determine whether your home is as safe as possible:


You Have Several Trees And Plants In Your Garden

If you have lots of trees and plants in your garden, it probably looks quite nice. However, this also makes it a great place for thieves and intruders to hide before they attempt to break into your home. Unless you have a stable, locked gate there too, your private garden is more of a security concern than anything. You don’t want to give criminals and chancers a place to hide!


You Hide A Spare Key

Many of us have likely been guilty of this at some point. Hiding a spare key can get us out of trouble if we happen to lose our main key, or if we need somebody to get into our home when we’re not there. However, many thieves and intruders are experienced when it comes to this, and know exactly where most people try to hide and store their spare keys. If this is something you do, you could literally let thieves and intruders right into your home and putting your family in danger.  


You Leave Your Bins Out Too Long

Do you leave your bins out too long? This can indicate to criminals that you’re either really lazy, or you’re not home. Make sure you bring the bins in when bin day is over and done with, as this is something that professional crooks look for when planning a break in.


You Don’t Check Your Alarms Regularly

Checking your alarms regularly is an absolute must if you want peace of mind that your home is safe. You should check all of your alarms, including your fire and burglar alarms. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to ensure they are still working, and change the batteries or get them fixed if you need to. There are many diy alarm systems you can look into too, if you prefer.


You’ve Had Your Windows And Doors For A While

If you’ve had your windows and doors for quite some time, it could be worth checking that they don’t need new locks, or even replacing. Windows and doors can weaken over time, including their hinges and locks. Making sure they are in full working order is crucial. In some cases, criminals may be able to completely remove your door from its hinges!


You Don’t Take Enough Preventive Measures

Taking preventive measures is crucial to making sure your home is safe. This could be something as simple as automating your lighting, so it always looks like somebody is home, even if they aren’t.


Look out for these signs, and you might realize your home isn’t as safe as you think it is after all.