If you want to add value from your home, you need to start from the outside in. You can’t do one or the other; they both need to be up to scratch to get the most value. Use these 10 tips to make sure you add as much value as possible:

1. Create More Privacy

Everybody wants a bit of privacy in their garden; a neighbor’s window looking over the garden can be a make or break situation. You can add more privacy by planting bushes and trees. You could also install a tall fence and gate if needed.

2. Add Lighting

Lighting outside of the home creates an element of safety. No matter how safe your area is, nobody likes to return home in pitch black dark and not know who or what could be lurking. Solar powered lights are good enough, or motion sensors.

3. Install Alarms

Install alarms for safety. You really shouldn’t underestimate the value of a safe house.

4. De-clutter your Garden

A very simple and cheap task that could up your value by a good few grand. Get rid of anything broken and old, mow the lawn and have a general tidy up. Get rid of weeds and anything that can ruin the look of your garden. You might not think this matters, but you can’t trust that people viewing the house will use their imagination. You need to show them what can be done.

5. Replace Your Door

Your front door should look sturdy and inviting, according to Tulsa Renew. You can go for a bright color if you wish; it adds personality and an element of fun. Make sure you don’t let an old door rot away before you replace it.

6. Add a Water Feature

Water features instantly add value to a garden. Just stay away from pools, as people don’t like the maintenance they require. There’s also the element of danger to consider if a family with kids were to move in.

7. Plant Pretty Flowers

Pretty flowers look nice, and they attract wildlife. A garden that attracts wildlife is naturally beautiful and appealing. Do some research is you’re a novice gardener, and you’ll be able to work out what flowers to plant and when. If you don’t have much time for upkeep, make sure they’re low maintenance.

8. Replace Your Driveway

Is your driveway less than appealing? Pave the way for buyers! Investing in a new driveway will pay off in the long run. People should get a good feeling about your home the second they step on your driveway. Just don’t ask any cowboy builders to pave it – that could cause all kinds of problems.

9. Get a Conservatory

Forget the garage; it’s all about the conservatory these days. People love extra living spaces, and a garage is usually a wasted space.

10. Replace Your Windows

Replace your windows if they don’t look as beautiful as the rest of the house. Buying energy efficient windows will pay off in the long run and add value. When you’ve done this, you can begin to focus on adding value with your interior design. It’s always worth the effort!

You can add a substantial amount to your home using these tips – enjoy!