A highly respected vacation rental company, Five Star Greece, has launched Five Star Greece Estates, an exciting new business offering Greek island properties for sale. Director Ileana von Hirsch explains the concept:

What is Five Star Greece Estates?

On the back of our highly successful vacation rental company, Five Star Greece – which presents the very best Greek island homes to sophisticated travelers looking for somewhere wonderful to stay on their vacation – we have launched our new business, Five Star Greece Estates, which will present the best Greek island properties that are for sale – both on and off the market.

Is Greece a safe investment?

After a period where political and economic uncertainly all but closed down the real estate market in Greece, the tide has now turned. Encouraged by the healthy trend in economic figures of the last year or so, and a government keen to attract foreign investment, savvy international investors and those just wanting to buy their dream vacation home, are looking to jump into the Greek market. The last two years have seen remarkable growth in the vacation villa rental market and this is set to continue. As returns on investment remain good, and prime real estate gets snapped up, we’ll see prices in all the great locations start rising – so now is the time to get in.

Where are the best places to buy?

Current real estate hot spots in Greece are Mykonos, the Athens Riviera, Corfu, and the Peloponnese coast, all areas previously snapped up by Greeks, but now being discovered by foreigners.

Top tip?

Waterfront property! Now is the time when a waterfront estate will be at its most affordable and where the value will hold the best. Accessorize with your own boat to enjoy Greece to the full. Is it easy to travel around Greece? Improving transport between the islands is also an encouraging factor with seaplane lines planned for the most popular/badly needed routes. ?

What makes Five Star Greece unique?

The Greek real estate market has been a little intimidating for foreigners without inside connections. We are creating that first, much needed company which will offer the clear, honest advice that we are already known for, and provide western-style service and business practices, while having a firm grasp of realities inside Greece – a foot in both worlds. We aim to make the best of Greece accessible to overseas buyers.

What makes Greece special?

Greece is not just an investment opportunity, it really is a love affair. First, the climate – sunshine for almost 300 days a year, dry heat and dazzling light even in winter; a house in Greece can be enjoyed almost all year round. Then the beauty of the landscape – volcanic islands with white sand beaches, high mountains, chestnut forests, lush green hills, and the sea – always that perfect blue stretching out to the horizon, giving Greece the best, safest and cleanest swimming in the entire Mediterranean. Away from the sea, there are the famously picturesque little fishing ports, hilltop villages, castles, churches and monasteries, and Greece also offers world class sightseeing, and sporting activities for all tastes and ages. In Greece you can also live the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle at its most authentic; plenty of exercise, and a diet rich in fish, olive oil, vegetables and fruit, regional wine, yogurt and honey, all fresh and local. However, what I hear most often from our clients is that they simply fall in love with the warmth, vitality and generosity of the people.

For more information, visit fivestargreece.com and fsgestates.com.