Thinking of selling your home? Some of those luxury waterfront properties do look to die for don’t they? Moving home can be rather difficult. But, if you take the right steps it will be a walk in the park. You need to know the tips on marketing your home as well as understanding when to sell. You should also be aware of what you should be looking for in your new home. Got all that? Then we can show you each in more detail. Welcome to the first steps of moving house.

1) The Right Market

Is the market good right now? Spring is often considered the best season to sell a house in. Autumn is apparently the worst. That puts you bang smack in the middle of mediocrity home selling season. How do you know if the market is good? Generally speaking, you will notice a lot of for sale signs going up in your neighbourhood or district. You can ask around and see how long it is taking people to sell their homes? Are they getting a good price?

2) The Right Place

We know you want to sell your home, but where are you going. Obvious we all dream of those luxury properties, but can you afford them? Perhaps you can. We advise checking the area you are moving to. Investigate the prices of housing. So for instance if you were moving to a place like Paso Robles, use an estate website to check prices of homes in that area.

3) Get Your Home In Good Shape

Have a look around your house. Notice anything that needs repairing? Remember, if you see it, a potential buyer will notice too. It does not even have to be a big issue. You should fix and repair anything you can. We advise researching online and trying to fix it yourself before calling in an expert. It may be easier than you think. Anyone can repair a garden fence. But if you need to fix a problem with electricity you are better off hiring a professional.

But repairs are not enough. You also need to make sure your house is clean and tidy. We mean spotless. Vacuum and polish your entire home. Put away any furniture that is only imposing on needed space. We want your home to look as grand as possible, so you get the best price. This includes the garden. To make your garden look bigger cut the grass as short as you can. Trim back any hedges or shrubbery. Do not forget that the garden is the first part of the house potential buyers will see. First impressions are everything.

4) A Family Makes A Home

Finally, understand that you are selling an image. Think about those furniture ads you see on tv. The families are always smiling, watching tv or having fun. If you are in the house when buyers are looking, you need to sell this image. This means you should be polite and friendly. Offer the potentials coffee or a cool glass of ice lemon. Make them feel at home. Make them feel like it is their home and in no time you will have people clamoring to buy your property.

Image Credits: Photo by Jeremy Levine.