Heading to the Virgin Islands, you’ll find the Mare Blu Villa. This colorful facade of dramatic hues inspired by the Caribbean scenery is located on the exclusive Rendezvous Bay at St. John. Poised perfectly above the south shores of St. John this unique $10 million edifice embodies the dream of an ocean home overlooking crystal blue waters. This villa comes from the hearts and dreams of its current owners, Teri and Bernie Ackerman. The couple designed, built, and decorated Mare Blu Villa after visiting St. John in 1978.

“We instantly fell in love with the island. There is no other place like it,” said Teri Ackerman, “After that initial visit we didn’t immediately decide to build Mare Blu, but instead island hopped for about 30 years, renting or staying with friends in different locations. Each trip and stay helped us refine our vision for what would become Mare Blu Villa.”

Aiming for a more Caribbean atmosphere, they designed the house to have picturesque views from every room and for the colors to be vibrant as the landscape. Stepping into the home, 7  rooms, 7 baths are styled all with a particular color in mind, from vibrant magenta to sunset orange. The property also features a stunning gourmet kitchen and beautifully-decorated great room. At the core of its design is reprieve, a chance to escape a busy world to the shores of the Caribbean and greenery of the Virgin Islands National Park right in the backyard.

“We wanted this home to be special because the location is so special to us,” said Bernie Ackerman, “We’ve never found any place that we liked better than St. John. When commissioning it wanted it to become our second home– a place to escape the stresses of the world.” 

Driving through the private gates feels as though you are entering another world. This 10,000 sq. ft. property is nestled right next to the national park that makes up 2/3rds of St. John. As a secluded oasis, Mare Blu Villa, still holds the convenience of being in close proximity to Cruz Bay. While the interior amenities are impressive, the exterior amenities are unmatched. Expansive decks lead out onto the 48-foot infinity pool and pool lanai that mirrors the ocean making sunrise mornings and sunset evenings seem endless.

“This villa represents our idea of home after being world travelers, this is where we would spend time with our family. Watching our kids enjoy the pool, have dinners on the porch, or just have fun exploring the island. Even now in our mind this villa has continued to be an escape for us. We hope that this villa can bring another family or couple the same happiness it has brought us,” said Ackerman.

The Mare Blu Villa is listed at $10 million by Abby Schnell O’Connell with Island Living Collective.