Anyone looking for luxury oceanfront homes will find that they’re more readily available in some areas than others. Obviously, choosing a location on the coast is a good start. You can find them where the water is clear, the beaches are sandy and clean, and the sun is often shining. If you want to invest in one of these stunning luxury homes and the view that comes with it, you can narrow your choices down to certain places for the cream of the crop. For prime real estate, try these places across the States, from Florida to Hawaii. You’ll be spoiled by the available options.


Because California stretches along the west coast, the northern end of the state is very different to the south. Although the whole coastline sits on the Pacific Ocean, the climate differs from one end to the next. It’s no surprise that much of the luxury oceanfront real estate in the state is further south, where there’s more sunshine. One of the most popular places for indulgent homes is Santa Barbara. It has the longest section of south-facing coastline on the west coast. More accurately, you’ll find gorgeous homes in the Riviera neighborhood. It’s so named because of its resemblance to Mediterranean towns. There you’ll find real estate with prime views of both the city and the ocean.

South Carolina

In South Carolina, Charleston is the place to be for stunning luxury homes. Whether you want a colonial charm or a more modern feel, there are plenty of options along the city’s waterfront. Anyone looking to live on the beach won’t be disappointed with the choices available to them. And this sunny state has plenty of greenery too, so residents can relax in the nature surrounding them. And if you want a water view away from the ocean, there’s always the option of a riverfront home too.


As an island state, it’s no surprise that there are many luxury oceanfront homes to choose from in Hawaii. Whether you choose Maui luxury real estate or you would rather be on the Big Island, there are endless options from which to select a home. The natural beauty of the islands will make anyone fall in love and never want to leave. Hawaii is one of the best places to be. Along with all those luxury homes, you’ll find many amenities and facilities of the same standard.


Anyone who wants to make their home in Florida has many choices for their luxury home. With so much coastline, buyers can select from a number of towns and cities with top class reputations. Whether they choose Naples, Miami Beach or even Fort Lauderdale, there are beautiful luxury homes to select from wherever you go. There are different styles to choose from and neighborhoods to suit different types of resident.

Luxury oceanfront homes are surprisingly available across the States. Anyone flexible about where they buy would have no problem finding their dream home, whether it’s in California or Hawaii.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexandre Parent.