Throughout 2014, celebrities flooded the market with their glamorous homes, ranches and islands. Sales were so good after the housing crash, which started to turn around in the spring of 2012, that many even raised their prices. The celebrities who listed first seemed to get the buyers, but with the ensuing glut of glamour, available buyers started to disappear and many of these exquisite properties have started to see price reductions. With some new discounted prices and world events forcing an even lower 30-year fixed mortgage rate, buyers who missed out the first time around may now have another chance before rates begin another climb. Whether you love walking a Florida beach, have a burning desire to own a California winery, a penchant for the Caribbean or prefer riding miles of trails over your own ranch, there is a celebrity property for almost anyone who has lots of money.

If living next to a lot of water is your personal dream, Celine Dion out did herself when she built her own water park on the beach in Jupiter, Florida. With at least an acre of swimming pools of all configurations, one can still step down to the beach for a saltwater swim or morning jog. For those who lean toward a high level of sophistication with penthouse 360-degree views over Miami and Key Biscayne and a stone’s throw to some of the best nightlife and beaches in the world, Pharrell Williams has made his mark with a stunning condo with architectural “wow factor,” roof decks and swimming pool. Then there’s the old guard environment of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, on the banks of Long Island Sound where Katharine Hepburn made her home at the edge of the water and where one can watch the romantic Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse flash at night. Although the world is still mourning the loss of comedic genius Robin Williams, his exquisite taste is shown in his Tuscan-inspired winery in the hills above Napa Valley in California. What better way is there to see into the soul of a celebrity than to see what they have created for themselves? Jane Fonda, the person rather than the actress, is so much better understood when one sees the ranch she designed for herself just outside of Santa Fe. The views, the river, the spiritual earthiness and elegance combined; so very much like the woman herself. And there are more. Each displaying a different personality, style and location and the environments where top celebrities enjoy the rare comfort of just being themselves with their families and closest friends.

It’s a fascinating trip into the private lives of celebrities and the environments that motivate them to keep working long hard hours on projects that bring their fans so much pleasure.

Take a tour of the Top Ten celebrity homes for sale in 2014.

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