Enjoy Dock To Dock Service On Your Own Private Seaplane

Escape to islands in the Bahamas, Caribbean and South Florida aboard a Tropic Ocean Airways seaplane

My recent trip to the Bahamas aboard a Tropic Ocean Airways Seaplane was hardly the first time I’d flown private. In fact, I’m one of those lucky travelers who’s been able to catch more than my fair share of rides aboard private jets over the years. And my Tropic Ocean Airways flight that took off from Miami wasn’t my first seaplane flight either. But, it may have been the best. Here’s why.

Of course, skipping the stress and security lines at commercial airports is always great. But, nothing compares with the history, view and tangible “coolness” that you get as soon as you board a Tropic Ocean Air seaplane bound for the Bahamas and taxi down the launch ramp take off from Miami’s Seaplane Base that was built in 1926.

Our “runway,” was the blue water of Government Cut in the shadow of Miami’s bustling cruise ship dock and the pastel high rises of downtown Miami. The view of South Beach as we climbed out over the Gulf Stream was spectacular and the pleasant hum of the propellers was our cue that our vacation had already begun.

But those obvious advantages weren’t the only things that set this trip apart. In addition to being able to go from car to plane in less than a minute at the Seaplane Base, the accommodations aboard Tropic Ocean’s seaplane were pretty luxe compared to other seaplanes I’ve flown on, and the crew’s professionalism and service was first rate.

Cant beat the convience of “Private dock to private dock” that Tropic Ocean Air makes possible. Bill Springer

However, all of that, including flying relatively low over the spectacular shallow water of the Bahamas pales in comparison to the entrance we made when we arrived at our destination. First off, we “landed” so close to Bakers Bay (see page 60 for the full story), that all we had to do was taxi up to dock and jump into the golf carts that were waiting to take us to our villa—after a short detour to the Baker’s own customs office.

And when the time came to leave that magical place, being able to simply park our golf cart and step aboard the plane (the crew picked our luggage up at the villa so it was aboard when we arrived) took the sting out of returning to winter in the Northeast—at least for a little while.

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