Bermuda has long been known for its pink sand beaches, white painted roofs and understated elegance. But after several trips to this cool English “Overseas Territory” about 660 miles east of Cape Hatteras (that’s playing host to the America’s Cup and a long list of other high-profile events this month) recently, I must say, Bermuda has way more to offer than just pink sand and white roofs.

And nowhere was this more apparent than when I entered the lobby of Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club shorty after its owners spent $100 million renovating this historic Bermuda landmark. The fire was burning (an early spring chill was still in the air) and the lobby was buzzing with a wonderful mixture of businesspeople, vacationers and America’s Cup sailors. 

Then I looked up.

I was actually a bit startled when I eased into a comfortable couch by the warm, inviting fireplace in the warm, inviting lobby of the oldest hotel on the island and saw a distinctly blue mirrored sculpture (pictured above the fireplace) that brought a smile to my face. I was so pleasantly surprised that I said out loud to no one in particular, “Is that a Jeff Koons?” 

It was.

That was only the beginning. The remainder of my stay involved happily discovering all sorts of fanciful and significant works by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Damien Hirst and other well-known contemporary artists throughout the hotel.

In fact, I’d love to show you more of the collection, but the hotel has strict copyright agreements with the artists so you’ll just have to go there and see the art (and the spa, pool, private beach club, and restaurants too!) for yourself. Trust me: you’ll be happy you did. 

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Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club.