Technology and an increase in services within the sharing economy means increased accessibility to luxury experiences including private air travel. In addition to the obvious luxuries of flying on a private jet, travelers also benefit from more convenience and increased efficiency. Gone are the days when you have to fly in and out of chaotic commercial terminals, stand in long security lines and choke down bland airplane food. Due to the confusing and decentralized nature of the private aviation industry, cost tends to be a restricting factor for many travelers. However, by streamlining the method of chartering these aircraft, travelers would benefit from an increase in accessibility, at a lower cost.

Now, with services like JetMe, which was created out of personal frustration with the traditional commercial air transportation system, virtually anyone can get that “rock star” experience at an affordable price. Experiencing the same pains as the rest of us over and over inspired Dmitry Romanyukha, CEO and co-founder of JetMe, to enact changes disrupting the rather stale business travel landscape. Dmitry met with numerous aviation industry insiders and discovered that a 40-year-old model of doing business was still in place. Private jet brokers were using antiquated systems and methods of phone calls and emails to facilitate the $28 billion private aviation industry and their own day-to-day business interactions.

While there are currently several options for Uber-style travel in the skies, including Beacon, Blade and NetJets, JetMe is the only membership-free, name-your-price modeled resource–think of it as a Priceline for private aircraft.

Travelers select their desired departure and arrival destinations and dates, as well as the number of passengers, and JetMe leverages market information from more than 10,000 private jet brokers with access 200,000 plus aircraft across the globe to determine the expected cost. Travellers then decide if they will accept that offer or counter with a lower bid. If a lower bid is proposed, JetMe works with its network to accomodate. Once users target price is identified JetMe goes to work and in 48 hours makes an offer that many travelers can’t refuse.

For just a fraction more per person than a first class plane ticket in most cases, JetMe is a compelling alternative to dealing with the frequent stress and hassles associated with commercial air travel. JetMe also provides your very own white-glove travel concierge who can ensure that anything from pet treats for your furry friend to a bottle of the finest champagne is waiting on the aircraft when you arrive. Gone are the days of sitting in a dingy, crowded airport lounge waiting for a flight, trudging through the TSA security lines, or wasting days on a trip because of a preset flight schedule.

The new business class just might be found in the world of private aviation.