While many people might think of the US as one large landmass, it also has its fair share of islands. Anyone who enjoys the thought of living by the ocean is often drawn to island-living too. Islands can offer up lots of different ways of life, from remote tranquility to more urbanized areas. If you have always wanted to live on an island, there are many options to consider in the U.S., whether you’re looking for a bustling New York neighborhood or a quiet Washingtonian island. Before settling on the perfect state to seek out island life, consider these top locations to find the island for you.



Of course, if you want to live the island life, your first thought might be the island state of Hawaii. It might be a little further away than anywhere else you might pick, but there are some truly great reasons to buy property there. Each of the islands is different, and choosing the right one is important. Oahu is the most populous island, but some people might like somewhere less developed. For people who love outdoor adventure, Big Island could be best. If you’re looking for luxury real estate, there’s plenty of it, as well as land for sale.



Whether you’re looking for a vacation home that offers you a beach escape or you want to live permanently on the sands, Florida is an excellent choice. There are some beautiful islands to visit and live on, both busy and quiet. Islands like Key West offer plenty to see and do, whether you want to be a tourist or settle into island life. But there are also options like Sanibel, where everything is a little quieter, and the population is around 7,000. A waterfront property could be much more affordable than you might think. Although, if you have a couple of million to spend, you’ll be able to splash out on real luxury.


South Carolina

South Carolina might not be your first thought when thinking about island homes. But there are more than 20 Sea Islands to choose from along the coast. With stunning beaches, history to explore, and plenty to enjoy outdoors, the islands are worth exploring. Kiawah has 10 miles of beaches and is just over 20 miles from Charleston. Hilton Head Island real estate offers not only some stunning property but plenty of empty lots to build on too. Fripp Island is a private gated community with less than 900 permanent residents, ideal for those who like the quiet life.



Alaska’s more than 2,000 islands make it the largest state in the country. Since there are so many, anyone eyeing up Alaska has the chance to own not just an island property but an entire island. You can get a couple of acres for under $300,000, whereas $3 million could get you the 12-acre Big Gull Island. Of course, ordinary land and property are available too.


The U.S. offers a huge range of possibilities to start a new island life. If you want a waterfront home, it’s worth exploring what’s out there.